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Why Infocon

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Drive for Fruitful Outcome by resolving conflict & eliminating rework with BIM Design

We are a global leader with an experienced team committed to excellence in the Construction Industry with expertise in the field of Design, BIM, Engineering, Architecture, IT Solutions, and Project Management Consultancy. Our Objective is to help our clients design and build better projects by saving design and construction costs and time through implementing the full potential of BIM; we have taken cutting edge technology, sharpened it, and then applied it to everything we know about BIM technology and the AEC Industry.

What Makes Us Unique in AEC Industry
One Stop Solution Provider – We always been a first choice of Clients for providing a true BIM Life Cycle to their complex project needs. We achieve this by ensuring that the right people from our own organization and across the supply chain are involved at every step. In our regular customer interviews, our clients repeatedly say they trust Infocon to deliver - there is no better compliment.
Customer Focus is at the Core of our Business – At Infocon, we support a fast-paced, agile company environment that thrives on change, and we employ people who work best under these circumstances. For this reason, our clients never receive an out-of-the-box solution, but instead get one flexible and scalable enough to retain control and visibility every step of the way.
Data Security & Software Technology – Infocon knows the importance of data security and does everything in our power to secure every bit of information provided by our clients. Infocon is also partnered with an International company to provide high end software equipped solutions to any business requirement or project.
Leveraging Maximum Benefits for Client – Infocon has 360-degree approach to deliver Client requirements in terms of Cost & Quality both. We offer competitive fees to our Clients requirement with a clear implementation roadmap for each & every project that leads to saving time & cost simultaneously.
International Experienced Talent Pool – Infocon has in-house team capabilities to cater any business requirements in field of Design, BIM, Engineering, Architecture, IT Solutions and PMC. We have emerged as a global leader in providing BIM & Design solutions to our clients across the globe.